Dr David Maziashvili publishes new article `Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar on the Georgian Stage'

Dr David Maziashvili, REES Georgian Fellow 2019-20, has published a new article Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar on the Georgian Stage for the peer-review bilingual scholarly journal.  

Julius Caesar, whose premiere was held on the Grand Stage of Rustaveli Theatre of Tbilisi on 1 June 2015, is the last production of ‘Sturua’s Shakespearean world’. Sturua’s interpretation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is based on the artistic and conceptual understanding of postmodern aesthetics, and, as a result of analysing metaphors and symbols, he shows the themes and problems which represent the main idea of Shakespeare’s play and of the performance. Shakespeare’s metaphor ‘All the world’s a stage’ used in the production expresses not only the contemporary reality but also the biblical, fictitious and theatrical reality depicted by means of intertextuality and the artistic technique of metatheatre. Considering this, the author of the article discusses several issues:


  1. Political power and postmodernism;
  2. The Sturuan perception of Shakespeare in Julius Caesar;
  3. Postmodernist understanding of Christ.


You can access the full text here.