Academic Visitors

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Academic Visitors at REES

REES has a programme for academic visitors to spend time in Oxford affiliated to the centre to pursue an independent study project. All visitors will be able to access many of the research and learning resources of Oxford University.

What We Expect of You

We ask all our visitors to agree to the following:

  • To contribute to the research environment of the REES 
  • To participate in the RESC weekly seminar series.
  • To provide a short profile about yourself and your research activity that may be added to the REES website

What You Can Expect from Us

REES is able to provide the following:

  • Introduction to REES staff
  • A university card, which gives access to the Bodleian Libraries of the University, including online journals.
  • University of Oxford email address.
  • To receive St Antony’s RESC mailings for Russia Eastern Europe related events and seminar
  • Access to the Russian Library at St Antony’s College
  • Involvement in the St Antony’s RESC Monday evening seminar and two post seminar guest night dinners per academic term. 
  • Access to SIAS common room
  • Access to teaching rooms in SIAS for seminar event if required and subject to availability. 

REES is not able to provide assistance with any local logistics such as accommodation, schools, and travel bookings/VISAS. We ask that you do not request these services from our administrative staff. REES is unable to offer any financial support towards the costs of Visiting Academic.

REES affiliation charge for Academic Visitors in 2017/18: £500 per term.  

All academic visitors to the Department must return a signed Visitors Agreement and where applicable present a copy of their VISA.

Please contact the REES Administrator if you would like to apply.

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