Depictions of Post-COVID-19 Futures in Russian International Media: Multimodal Viewpoint Analysis

(funded by UKRI, Strategic Priorities Fund, University of Oxford)

Principal Co-Investigators: Dr Anna Wilson, Dr Scot Hale, Professor Philip Torr

Researcher: Dr Pu Yan

Research Assistants: Mr Georgy Krasovitsky and Ms Irina Pavlova


This project contributes to the ongoing development of a novel, state-of-the-art methodology and new algorithms to detect and counter 21st-century information threats by focusing on the analysis of multimodal strategies used by media, which are rooted in manipulative use of the depictions of post COVID-19 futures and rely on integrations between speech and co-speech gesture. Our project fuses—in a ground-breaking way—social science theory, area studies, cognitive and corpus linguistics, natural language processing (NLP), and computer vision (CV) to tackle the problem at scale, as applied to Russia.