Comparative Economics

The Director of REES recently joined a stellar line up of workshop participants to discuss the final stages of a new Palgrave Macmillan ‘Handbook of Comparative Economics’ due for release in 2020.

comparative economics

Professor Gerry has contributed a chapter on the health outcomes and experiences of the post-communist region. Commenting on the day, Professor Gerry noted, “Aside from some fascinating presentations on topics ranging from the history of economic transition, to the rise of populism, to happiness and health in Eastern Europe, to the rapid development of China, there was an ongoing and lively discussion over the definition of ‘Comparative Economics’ with debates about the use and misuse of sub-disciplinary labels. This was fascinating and all too familiar for those of us constantly exploring the disciplinary nature of Area Studies”.

In a related and timely development, Professor Gerry is introducing a new MPhil Option Course on the Comparative Economics of Russia and Ukraine, which will draw on content and ideas from the handbook.