Dr Robin Smith

Research Interests

Research Disciplines:

  • Anthropology.

Research Keywords:  Political Economy, rural debt, economic governance, financialization.

Research Clusters: Economic Growth, Industry and Development, Poverty, Inequality and Informality. 

Contact Information

2020. Contesting the social contract: Tax reform and economic governance in Istria, Croatia. Social Analysis 64(2): 79-100. 

2020. Makovicky, Nicolette and Robin Smith. Introduction: Tax beyond the social contract. Social Analysis 64(2): 1-17. 

2020. Robin Smith and Cristina Grasseni. Ambivalent solidarities: Food reconfigurations in Croatia and Italy. Anthropology Today 36(1): 12-16. 

2018. Solastalgia in Istria, Croatia: Winemaker narratives of landscape and loss. In: Hana Horáková, Andrea Boscoboinik, & Robin Smith (eds.), Utopia and neoliberalism: Ethnographies of rural spaces, Berlin: Lit Verlag, 149-170. ISBN: 9783643802156