Dr Anna Wilson

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Selected Publications
  1. Wilson, A. Multimodal Viewpoint Blending in Russian Media: A Right to Voice One’s Opinion (an article, to be submitted to Multimodal Communication De Gruyter Mouton).
  1. Wilson, A. Ambiguity in Russian News Parody (a article to be submitted to Journal of Communication OUP).
  1. (2018) Toward an Infrastructure for Data­driven Multimodal Communication Research.  Linguistics Vanguard: A Multimodal Journal for the Language Sciences. Volume 4, Issue 1. De Gruyter. Co-authors: Francis Steen, Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas, Anders Hougaard, Jungseock Joo, Inés Olza, Anna Pleshakova, Soumya Ray, Peter Uhrig, Javier Valenzuela, Jacek Woźny, & Mark Turner. https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/lingvan.2018.4.issue-1/lingvan-2017-0041/lingvan-2017-0041.xml?format=INT
  2. Pleshakova, A. (2018). Cognitive Approaches: Media, Mind, and Culture. In C. Cotter and D. Perrin (eds.) The Routledge Handbook on Language and Media. London and New York: Routledge. Pp. 77-93. 
  3. Pleshakova, A. (2016). Meta-parody in contemporary Russian media: viewpoint blending behind Dmitry Bykov’s 2009 poem “Infectious”. Lege Artis. Language yesterday, today, tomorrow. Vol. 1, issue 1, June 2016, pp. 202-274. De Gruyter Open. Available at https://www.degruyter.com/view/j/lart.2016.1.issue-1/issue-files/lart.2016.1.issue-1.xml
  4. Pleshakova, A. (2014), Strike, Accident, Risk, and Counterfactuality: Hidden Meanings of the Post-Soviet Russian News Discourse of the Nineties via Conceptual Blending. Language and Cognition: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Language and Cognitive Science. Vol. 6, issue 3, September 2014, pp. 301-306. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  5. Pleshakova, A. (2010), Werewolves in Epaulettes, in: F. Parril, V. Tobin, M. Turner (eds.). ‘Meaning, Form, and Body’. CSLI, Stanford. 2010.